Two By Torchlight: A Modern Witchcraft Podcast

Let's Talk Tarot! | Ep 10

April 17, 2022 Two By Torchlight Season 1 Episode 10
Two By Torchlight: A Modern Witchcraft Podcast
Let's Talk Tarot! | Ep 10
Show Notes

We’re so excited to welcome a very special guest on today’s episode – our dear friend Brian, professional tarot reader with Two Raven Tarot! We dive right into the history of Tarot, Brian’s personal experiences as a professional tarot reader, how to get started, and a couple tarot myths and misconceptions.

We had so much fun and talked for so long that we have a special BONUS episode just for our supporters on Patreon! In the bonus episode, we tell some personal stories of readings we’ve done, talk about reversals, go into detail on what a Deck Interview Reading is, and more. (You can get access to that by supporting us on Patreon.)

Want to know more about Brian and his services? You can find him on Facebook at Two Raven Tarot, or follow him on social media @wikidraven – he’s got the most adorable baby and doggo videos on TikTok!

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Show Notes:

Brian’s Tarot book suggestion: Tarot Plain & Simple by Anthony Louis

This is a great breakdown of the Celtic Cross tarot spread on Biddy Tarot

This TikTok account does readings using a deck of Pokemon cards!

Liz loves Labyrinthos on the web and as a phone app for learning about the cards. Aradia loves how you can use the app to pull an electronic reading wherever you are!

Biddy Tarot is Aradia’s go to online resource when they need to look up a specific card or understand the structure and flow of a tarot deck.

If the Rider Waite Tarot sounds like your jam, you can learn about it and buy a copy here.

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