Two By Torchlight: A Modern Witchcraft Podcast

Be Gay, Do Witchcraft | Ep 14

June 13, 2022 Two By Torchlight Season 1 Episode 14
Two By Torchlight: A Modern Witchcraft Podcast
Be Gay, Do Witchcraft | Ep 14
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Happy Pride Month! As proud card carrying members of the Alphabet Mafia, Aradia and Liz are excited to talk about the intersection of queerness and spirituality this week - and we only go off the rails a couple times! Join us as we talk about the overlap in the two communities, tips for de-gendering your energy and practice, and have story time where we talk about all the ways in which the gods were hella gay. 

We've got some book recs if these topics interest you further, & some queer witch swag if you want to wear your pride - but beware: here there be spoilers for various queer representation in media! (Show notes will have the time stamps so you can skip spoilers if you want)

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Intro Summary
Happy Pride, y'all!
Commonalities & overlaps between witches and queer folx
Welcome to the gender club! (gender and energy and magick)
Book recommendations
Incorporating queerness into your craft
Political witchcraft & glamour magick
Queer gods in mythology
Queerness in the Norse pantheon
Other cultures have queerness - but not like the Greeks
Aradia's favorite queer myth
Pan gets around (& Liz makes a terrible joke)
Queerness in the Greek pantheon
Gay pirates & queerbaiting in popular media
AlexandrA the Great and other misunderstood figures
Mythology & modern day interpretation
Work you can do going forward
Let's keep talking!
Roll credits