Two By Torchlight: A Modern Witchcraft Podcast

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October 04, 2021 Liz & Angela Episode 0
Two By Torchlight: A Modern Witchcraft Podcast
Two By Torchlight Trailer
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Two By Torchlight is a podcast about modern witchcraft and the intersection of magick, science, and pop culture. More than simply a 101 guide, co-hosts Aradia and Lizryth dive deep into the theories of a modern day magickal practice and examine why we believe the things we believe and practice how we practice. Get inspired to think critically and create a unique practice on your own terms, as our veteran witch Aradia helps newbie Liz build hers! Fun, educational, and approachable, Two By Torchlight is the best resource for new and experienced witches alike to really understand the hows and whys of their practice and start making successful magick!

First Episode premiers Samhain, Oct 31st 2021! 

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A: When people think of witches, they used to imagine dark cloaked figures in foggy forests, clustered around bonfires, calling out chants to the Devil, sacrificing babies, and cursing dishonor on cows. 

L: Ask someone now, and the image shifts drastically to women in flowing skirts, burning beautifully wrapped bundles of sage, maybe topless, draped in crystals and singing about female empowerment and sacred moon blood. 

A: And honestly? The reality is both somewhere in between those two pictures, and also absolutely fucking unrelated.

L: Welcome to Two By Torchlight, a show where we talk about real modern day witchcraft and the intersections of science, pop culture, and personal belief. I’m Liz, my pronouns are She/Her, and I’m a beginner in the circle of Witchcraft. 

A: And I’m Aradia, they/them, and I’ve been practicing for over 20 years. Together, we’ll dig down into the depths of witchcraft to peel back the trends and misconceptions, dissect modern magickal practices, and examine how science, pop culture, and history inform why and how we believe the things we believe. 

L: With the perspectives of a long time practitioner and a witch just starting out, we’ll offer each other - and hopefully you - unique perspectives on commonly held witchy notions in a way that’s informative but also entertaining.

A: In the end, we hope you’ll open your eyes to new ways of thinking about your craft, encourage you to think critically about your practices and beliefs, and help you build a foundation that is sustainable and unique to you and the way you practice witchcraft.

L: With lots of rants, tangents, and a little craziness along the way.

A: Our first episode premieres on Samhain, October 31, 2021. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok at TwoByTorchlight, and on the web at

L: You can also email us at, and once episodes begin airing, find us on all your favorite podcast streaming platforms.

A: We’re super excited to go on this journey with you all! Always remember to make your own magick,

L: and embrace the magick of YOU along the way!