Two By Torchlight: A Modern Witchcraft Podcast

Happy Winter Solstice! | Ep 4

December 12, 2021 Two By Torchlight Season 1 Episode 4
Two By Torchlight: A Modern Witchcraft Podcast
Happy Winter Solstice! | Ep 4
Show Notes

Celebrate the Winter Solstice with us as we delve into the mythology, legend, and traditional celebrations of this first day of winter from around the world. We talk about how various cultures practice, where those practices come from, and how you can build your own celebrations that work for you and your family.

Show Notes:

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “wassail” originated as a borrowing from the Old Norse salutation “ves heill”, corresponding to Old English hál wes þú or wes hál – literally meaning ‘be in good health’ or ‘be fortunate’. It was initially used in the sense of ‘hail’ or ‘farewell’, without any drinking connotation.[2] The English interjection “hail” is a cognate of the etymon of the second part of “wassail”, and was probably influenced by the Old English phrase.[3]

Liz’s Favorite Wassail Recipe:

Link to pagan children’s books by J.C. Artemisia:
A Pagan Book Of Holidays | The Holly King & The Oak King

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